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It all started with this letter...

Date: Monday, 5th March 2001


I stumbled into your HP while trying to look for some info's on jungle MC's.. I'm a D&B promoter in HK and we've been doing' parties for 16 months.

I checked your streaming audio and I was impressed (actually, I liked you already before checking them out just coz you're a Cancerian). and I was wondering if you still emcee and maybe we can try sort out something so you'd come out to HK to MC for us?

it's just an idea, we can talk about it more if you're interested.

Jane Tan

Cloud 9 Productions

And before I knew it... 

flyer.jpg (173552 bytes)

Ticket.jpg (56740 bytes)

(click on the thumbs for full pictures)

I arrived in HK around 8:00PM Thursday 24th May and met Jane from Cloud 9 at the Airport. After checking in at the hotel we headed down to an Irish pub where I quickly devoured a pint of Guinness, which I might add cost me nearly $20 Australian. Ahh, always worth it though.

This pic is of me trying chicken feet, yes, chicken feet. Many people have asked what it tastes like and what else can I say? It just tastes like chicken. Here's the pic to prove it...

Chickenfeet.jpg (76947 bytes)

This next pic is of my hotel... just kidding, but it was behind my hotel and I just thought it would be an interesting picture, so here it is...

NastyBuilding.jpg (68777 bytes)

Saturday afternoon was time for our radio interview at the local radio and television station RTHK. The first picture is of myself and Damian (Dieselboy) out the front of the building, the second is inside during the interview.

RTHKoutside.jpg (61191 bytes)RTHKinterview.jpg (86283 bytes)

Click here to hear the interview

Afterwards it was shopping time, again. Damian has a fierce shopping habit and a penchant for collecting toys so after I couldn't handle the pace any more, I left to go set up at the club...

Read the review of the Dieselboy Asia Tour 2001 here.

Sunday was sleep day, then Monday came, my last night in Hong Kong. My flight was leaving at 11:20PM so a big dinner was organised at the "Outback Hotel" which mind you makes great "Bonza salads" and "BBQ Kookaburra wings" haha. Below, in order, are...

Mascots.jpg (102620 bytes) The team mascots. One of Dieselboy's nasty looking collectors toys shagging the Koala I bought Jane.
DamienandRamy.jpg (43557 bytes) Damian "Dieselboy" with his beautiful "Dieselgirl", Ramie. What a cute couple.
DamianJaneMe.jpg (56180 bytes) Dieselboy, Jungle Jane and Assassin
JohnathanJames.jpg (37168 bytes) Johnathan and James getting out of hand haha.
leavingdinner.jpg (87903 bytes) The whole crew, minus the bonza salad.