After about 2 hours of solid toy shopping with Damian (Dieselboy) I had had enough. "Right" I said, "I need to get back for the sound check, this is fuckin' boring". It was that easy, in 20 mins I was at the venue ready to get rollin.

9:30PM and I was chillin' with Jane, JP and Aria waiting for the night to get started as it wasn't open until 11:00PM. JP is actually from Melbourne now playing Hip Hop in HK under the same name. Aria is the craziest Yank I have ever met and his laugh is infectious, he plays D&B on the mainland and is a top bloke. A couple of drinks later and things started movin. Oh, that's JP, Aria and Me below (click for the big pic)...

JPAriaMe.jpg (68010 bytes)

First up was Rheostat (Richard) who plays locally for Cloud 9, followed by Arkham, a crazy Pom with a taste for Old Skool (onya James). Then, the moment I had been hanging for, MY TURN! As I grabbed the mic the one and only Dieselboy stepped up to the decks, calm as a Hindu cow. "USA in the house... Australia in the house... Hong Kong in the house... somebody make some fuckin' noieeeeeeze!"

AssassinDeiselboy.jpg (68487 bytes)

The place went completely ballistic, just how I like it. "Oh my fuckin gosh, Roll it my selecta"... And that was it, non-stop, ass-whoopin, head-shakin Drum and Bass, deep, dark and nasty as you like. This man was a specialist, and I admit I had my doubts about him, but he sure proved me wrong.

After a two hour set we retired to the VIP room, a tight little room right next to the DJ Box and facing straight onto the crowd, great for sneaking off for some more drinks (every 3 minutes in my case). Here's Me, Dieselboy and Jane chillin...

MeDamienJane.jpg (38066 bytes)

Below is Me with the promoter Jane, the mastermind behind Cloud 9 productions, you can find more about Cloud 9 in the "About Cloud 9" section (funny that)...

Jane & Me.jpg (61226 bytes)

But the music didn't let up, with the man Kevin K rinsin out like Greg Packer on speed bombs. This guy pulled out a totally class set, selections, mixes, lock, stock, the fuckin' lot. I hope to see him play here in Perth soon. Below is some pics of Kevin K and Myself rinsin tha bizness...

MCinforKevin.jpg (81593 bytes)AssassinKevinK.jpg (63156 bytes)

 After a few more drinks it was time for a bit more of a party, so I'm out to the dance floor for some rudeboy rollin' Drumclub style. 

Here's Aria showing me the "Shanghai" style...

Aria.jpg (40603 bytes)

And JP and Johnathan demonstrating the "Poison Finger" style.

JPJohnJane.jpg (17609 bytes)

The last boyscout was Hong Kong's premiere selecta, DJ Johnathan who, even with a broken cartridge, showed the crowd it ain't bed time yet. Keeping many of the punters glued to the floor with a tight selection, he rinsed out everything from dub plates to classics non stop. Below is a crowd shot, although starting to thin out, was still up for it...

Crowdshot.jpg (61072 bytes)

All up, a fuckin ultra-wicked night. The last Pics... first is JP and Aria doin' the buffalo stance... Second is Me, Jungle Jane, Kevin K and Kevin's Mate... Third is skinnin' up at my hotel room after... HK stylee.

JPandAria.jpg (47212 bytes)MeJaneKevin.jpg (52215 bytes)Skinup.jpg (51583 bytes)

Here's a review by Kevin K

May 26th saw Cloud9 Productions bring the indefatigable Dieselboy back to Hong Kong's shores. Drum'n'bass is still a burgeoning scene in this Southeast Asian metropolis, but at the same time there has been a core of junglists that steadily grows with each event. The venue for Saturday's party was Boom Bar & Club, a neat venue nestled near the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui East (Hong Kong's home of overpriced electronics, fake Rolexes, and dodgy strip joints). Boom was the perfect place for a small-scale drum'n'bass night, with a main dancefloor and a chillout bar area separated by a long corridor. The club had a peculiar Gothic interior, but it seemed fine as soon as the lads got used to the urinals shaped as gargoyle mouths.

Opening sets came from local boys Rheostat and Arkham, who set the mood perfectly for the arrival of Dieselboy. When I arrived towards the end of Arkham's set, there was less and less room on the dancefloor, and the crowd were well up for it.

One thirty came around, and next in line was none other than the mighty DSL alongside the Ozzie vocal stylings of a wicked MC Assassin. As soon as the 'boy' stepped up to the decks with J Majik's treatment of "Space Invader," he had the crowd in his fingers with a ruthless selection of tunes. Among the tracks dropped were "Up All Night," the "Atlantis" relick, "Obsession," "Casino Royale," and believe me, each track was massive. Diesel's selection was among the hardest unleashed in Hong Kong in a very long time, and the crowd were left seriously mashed up for a two-hour set in which even a speaker caught fire. Assassin was firing on the mic, impressing even the most stubborn skeptics and laying the vocal blueprint until the end of the night. After Dieselboy's exit, Kevin K (fresh from his five-month hiatus in London) hit the crowd with some serious tunes, and the last set was provided by Johnathan who, although severely plagued by a skipping needle, proved Hong Kong's selectas were on a par with the rest of
the world.

The punters responded incredibly well the whole night, some calling the night the best one since Hype and GQ graced our shores a year ago. Drum'n'bass is on its way up in the city, and if Saturday night was any indication, the trance and 'progressive' wanks previously monopolizing the dance scene in Hong Kong should be on the lookout...

Respects to Cloud9 Jane (boh!), Damian, Ramie, Scott Assassin, Richard, Johnathan, James, Kevin K and JP.

-The Messiah