When was Cloud 9 Productions born? Who better to ask than the First Lady of HK Drum and Bass, Jane Tan of Cloud 9... 

"I started doing my research and homework in march 99'... took me 6 months to prepare my first party coz I have never done this before and had no connections whatsoever to help me get started... the whole reason behind it is the rebellious part of me that wanted to do something no one else was doing at the time - bring the D&B to another level and do parties on a bigger scale. I thought doing parties was easy (based on the "DIY Raves" info I got on the net)... then realized how hard it is to keep putting on quality shows... now the local D&B supporters are the only reason why I stay in the scene.."

From what I have seen, Jane has pushed the scene harder than any other promoter I know in the face of high risk and limited exposure. Working on a tight budget and in a place where the scene is not very welcome by authorities, she has put on some of the greatest DJ's and MC's the world has known through pure determination, dedication and love for the Drum and Bass scene.

Jane, you are truly one of the worlds great Drum and Bass Soldierz, hats off to you and never give up bringing the sounds. Her list of shows stands as a tribute to her work...

Aug 1999 - Dieselboy

Oct 1999 - Deejay Punk Roc + Aphrodite

Dec 1999 - Flame Kru Asia tour

Jan 2000 - Zinc + MC Fats

Mar 2000 - Chilie Source (hiphop)

May 2000 - Rayner + MC Maveric

Jul 2000 - DJ Hype + MC GQ

Sep 2000 - Juju + MC Duh

Oct 2000 - Freaky Flow + MC Flipside

Nov 2000 - Dieselboy

Jan 2001 - DJ Storm

Mar 2001 - DJ Danjah (Taipei)

May 2001 - Dieselboy + MC Assassin

Also a weekly party DAMAGE on every saturday at ce top.