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The First Perth Rave?

OK. this was a bit tricky but according to DJ Hutcho we had 199T and the outdoor Biology events both in 1990. It seems though that if we go by characteristics such as Flyer release, international DJ etc, we could assume that OHM N.R.G. was Perth's first official rave party. Here's the flyer courtesy of Hutcho's Rave Pages:

The Biggest Perth Rave?

This is also an iffy one. This depends wholly on your definition of a rave. Some of the mid 90's raves were crossing the 3000+ barrier. These included Emotion '93, Telepathy, De Ja Vu and Sonic '98 some of which neared 5000 people. If you would accept the mighty Delirium events into the Rave category (some may class them as just dance parties) then by far they take the cake with Science Fiction '99 reaching in excess of 10,000 people at Belmont Park. Here's the Science Fiction '99 flyer courtesy of Western Australian Rave Flyer Archives (W.A.R.F.).

What distinguishes between a Rave and a Dance Party?

I personally think that events such as Science Fiction classify as a rave. Others however argue they are not on grounds such as the patronage is not mostly ravers. Rather it seems they are patronised by a more commercial, clubby public as opposed to the underground ravers. Another factor is the feeling of illegality. Many of these large scale events are strictly 18+ to regulate alcohol consumption so therefore bring on more of a 'Nightclub' personality whereas the underground raves are less controlled and pretty much free to do whatever. In conclusion though, I find the essence of these larger scale events are of rave origin what with laser shows, international DJ's and the selected music genre's represented at them. Yes, I do admit the feeling is not the same as the old raves but is that just my age showing and not the atmosphere changing at all?

What goes into making a Rave?

Costs. The costs of holding a rave can range from simple to phenomenal. $10,000 (Australian Dollars) could set you up a fairly stock-standard party but we have put some on for less than $4,000. A larger scale party with Internationals can reach $15,000 and some can even push $30,000. Things you have to budget for include Venue, Sound and Lighting, DJ Roster, Security, Flyer, ticket and poster printing, other advertising such as magazines and websites

Here's some points from a well known Perth Promoter: "Right, steps to holding a rave. First thing is to brain storm and work out exactly what you want to do, think of DJ's line up's, theme (if any), possible venues and a name for the event.

Once you have done this the next step is to get a venue, always make sure you approach them in a professional manner with a proposal outlining everything about the party and how it's going to run. Hopefully they'll like what you present to them and let you use their venue.

Once you have a venue you should then seek approval from the local authorities eg council etc. This is necessary to avoid a clash of interests and getting shut down.

Next you should arrange for lights and sound, book all the DJ's you want to play and organize ticket outlets. The flyer should then be designed and printed up giving at least 4 weeks promotion time.

When the flyers are done it's time to promote the event through mass distribution, possibly ad's in the Street Press or on radio and most
importantly word of mouth.

After all that, the day of the party arrives, you set up and have your event."

There are also Council Guidelines to consider, here are the government guidelines for Western Australia concerning Rave Parties.

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