These Questions were submitted by my buddy Stewart Reid, well Stewy, here's the answers to ya Questions:

What are the different forms of MC'ing?

OK, there's heaps I suppose, I'm no authority but I'll class and explain the one's I am familiar with.

1. The Ragga MC

These guy's are the original Rude Bwoys. I have a tape from 1982 with about 20 Rastas from the dreadlock camps in London toasting to music produced by UB40. The tape was called "Baggariddim" and is still some of the freshest shit I have heard. 

None of the MC's I have heard have matched these guy's and I don't know what music is available today, but this was the shit that inspired me to MC. Some of the artists names were Sista V, Gunslinger, James Bond, General, Pablo, Dillinja.. can't remember any more, I've had the tape since I was seven so I lost the case long ago, I was in year 2.

2. The Rap MC

Rap MC's originated from the street parties put on by DJ's in the African American communities in New York. The DJ's would find a street light, open the access port and wire their shit into the pole for power! 

The MC's were originally what Hardcore MC's do now, mostly just hyping the crowd, but this eventually developed into lyrical mayhem and the art of Rap was born. Some originators are The Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five, and in the 80's, RUN DMC, KRS ONE and Public Enemy had a lot to do with founding modern Hip Hop, modern greats include The Original Thug: Tupac Amaru Shakur (2 Pac): RIP, Method Man (Wu Tang), Snoop Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz, NWA, Cypress Hill, Eminem.

3. Rave MC's

OK, when I say rave MC's, I will mean what we call "Hardcore MC's" today. Back in the day I started Raving, it was all called Techno (That was only because it was going through the stage where each style was still defining itself). 

Rave MC's, apart from a bit of lyrical flexin', are mostly just crowd hypers. A lot of crowd interactivity is used such as "Make some noise", "How you feelin'" or "Whistle crew blow". My first contact with rave MC'ing was from the "Fantazia" sound track featuring Nick Fish and Rat Pack. I can't remember his name though. Some local names are MC's Pete, Preacher, Sense, Kev, Assassin and Interjecta.

4. Junglist MC's

This is the most skilled of all the MC categories. Rap MC's tend to boast about their skills, but look out fellas, Jungle is just begun. Jungle MC's are the more lyrical faction of Rave MC's and are hugely underrated.

Lyrics flow out of some of these guy's mouth's like water out of Niagara Falls. I can't stress how much people like Stevie Hyper D and MC Det can cream all over any Hip Hop MC you give me, and even if you do and they are faster, they still won't sound as good at that speed as Stevie or Det can.

Some Jungle MC's are THE DON: MC Stevie Hyper D: RIP, MC's Det, Fearless, Skibadee, Navigator, Moose and locals like Method, Ruffcut and Kid Smooth.

How do MC's speak sooo fuckin' fast?

MC's usually use a trick called "rolling" to give the illusion they are talking rapidly, eg "Biggidy Bad Boy" etc. It is also in the way you construct your lines, eg: Try saying "Playin' the Devistation' on the Plate, MC's Investigatin', and contemplatin'." Sounds good, but you can't say it very quick. Now try saying "Flowin'-a-biggidy-Bad-biddy-Boy-Bass, Droppin-an-Poppin-all over tha place", notice the words flow into each other? This is called Effective Placement.

 It is however still a skill and many MC's are actually just talking really fucking fast. I suppose it's one of those things, if you can do it, you can, if you can't, you can't. If you're the latter, try using the tricks.

What makes a good MC?

This could be a controversial answer but also has much to do with every persons individual expectation of an MC. If you ask a Rave DJ, most will say "One that knows when to shut up", if you ask a Hip Hop DJ, they will say "One with mad styles that never stop flowin'", so it depends where you are at, and where the MC is at in contrast to you.

From my perspective, a good MC would be skilled lyrically. but with a good style and sound and most importantly a professional attitude.

What do MC's talk about when they MC?

Many things, Ha ha ha ha ha. I remember when me and Kronic would talk about a dudes funny hair-do as he walked past the DJ box, or some chick with big Gazzongaz on the dance floor, even give the DJ shit and they wouldn't know!

It depends on the style, and the MC's point of view on life, tastes and of course audience.