Interjecta Interviewa

He has been voted by the Perth Dance Awards as Perth's Number One MC for two consecutive years, he has been on more rave flyers than your Nanna has eaten Wheatbix, I am referring of course to the MC Interjecta. I caught up with the man himself to ask him the 12 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD.

In your view, what is the role of the MC?

Obviously hyping up the crowd is the major role, without going overboard/being over-bearing and being your own show. I believe in purely and simply accompanying and complimenting the DJ.

When did you start, and what made you do it?

I started mc'ing at Stingin' The Tail IV. It was held in CJ's backyard in Inglewood at the time... I just got invited by DJ Dutchy [who'm I used to work with]. Kevin and another guy named Craig [aka MC Viper] just gave me a go on the mic and it evolved from there really. Dunno what made me do it, but of course, in prior years I'd write shit down on paper and karaoke mc in my bedroom, but never thought anything would become of it! hahaha.

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Has this question got any sort of sexual connotation to it? hahaha, coz if so - definitely not chocolate! But as far as food flavouring goes... hit me with tha choc.

Who would you most like to MC for?

phwooaaarr, definately the one like Mampi, mampi SWIFT!

Have you ever watched a Disney movie?

uhhh, a porno version of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves... does that count?

Rave MC's have evolved from the "'come on' every five minutes MC", to the 'make some noise' crowd hyper era, to the modern day lyrical lunatics. Where do you see Drum&Bass MC heading to in the future?

It's really hard to say MC'ing is heading in any particular direction. The mc's here in Perth as well as the UK have such distinctive styles, whether it be informative/chatty/talky mc's, through to Shabba and Skibba types that mash shit up lyrically. Given that, there's really no real indication that MC'ing is going down any certain avenue. But I can say this: that nowadays mc's seem to be rhyming more about the music being played, and the scene/circuit that they're in, rather than just loose-ended rhymes that don't have any meaning, or aren't relevant to the scene, music, or what's happening in any given night/event.

Who would you like to play Twister with?

This girl Amy [Hitmonlee] ... only 'cause she wants to play twister with me! haha

Besides MC'ing, what does plain old Craig like to do on weekends?

haha plain old Craig. That just about describes my wekends mate! I have to work on weekends a lot of the time, so it makes it hard to have late nights on the piss or whatever. But if I get the chance I just like driving around aimlessly listenin' to tunes, catching a flick or getting out vids. I use weekends to try and relax pretty much now. I'm turning into a boring ol' fart nowadays man.

What character do you use on Mortal Kombat?

That guy that resembles Bruce Lee... Lui Kang? Is that the right guy?


Three words that describe MC Interjecta?

Down to Earth. hahaha, that's three words :P


What are your thoughts on pyjamas?

I don't wear clothes to bed :D

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Shit, here we go. Always end up forgetting some kunt. biggups to: Greg and Nadia, Kev, Steve @ RMX Music, Hot Dog, mFi, emerge, the #rave pratts on Austnet, Megan, Stef, Amy, Radium Project, Drum Club crew, Wanneroo/Bass Agenda lads, Loaded Dice massive, and all the drum n bass warriors that frequent the Perth circuit. Last but definately not least, DJ Karnage. Rest in Peace my friend.