Human Traffic

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Human Traffic: Wicked shit

Well bugger me, I never thought anyone would be able to create such an insight into our culture and express it so vividly on film, and it took a 25 year old Welsh raver to do it.


This is a feat I thought even Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting, Acid House) would have a hard time tackling but first time Writer/Director Justin Kerrigan has done just that. 


Rejected from most of the film schools, Kerrigan finally got in to the International Film School of Wales where he learnt all the rules and then broke every single one of them. His lecturer, Allan Niblo, was so impressed with him that, well, put it this way: he is the Producer of this film.


This flick is the OASIS in the DESERT OF HOLLYWOOD BULLSHIT and will have you walking away laughing your tit's off at how much you related to the characters and events that take place


The story covers Jip (John Simms) who suffers from a case of "Mr Floppy" and his totally insane group of mates, each one representing a friend you have or a person you know. Without giving too much away, it basically involves the gang going thru the motions that you and your crew go through every weekend, highlighting the stereotypes (brilliantly mind you) and clichés of the Rave/Club scene with a comedy effect that has such a kick you will leave with sore lungs.


The best part is when something funny happens and all the Ravers in the cinema piss themselves laughing, and all the mullets in the house don't get the joke. You really have to have "been there, done that" to appreciate it fully, but as the Producer mentions in an interview, the biggest compliment they had was from a 65-year-old man who after the show filled with emotion saying "God, I wish I was young again.", he will probably be found tripping out at a rave in the near future.


I gave this film one million three hundred and thirty five out of ten.