Who I have MC'd for:

Drum & Bass: Kenny Ken, Red One, MK1, Darren Jay, Clarky, Craze, Usual Suspects, Fierce, Ed Rush & Optical, Moving Fusion, Deiselboy, Teebee, Bad Company, Grooverider, Randall, SS, Ratty, John B, Ink & Loxy, Krust, Die, Konflict, Total Science, Dom & Roland, Cause 4 Concern, Ray Keith, Doc Scott, Marky, Mickey Finn, Bailey, Zinc & Pascal, Peshay, L Double, Deekline, Digital, Trace, LTJ Bukem.

Other styles: Slipmatt, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Brisk, Rush, Ham, Billy Bunter, Kevin Energy, Bass Generator, Mark Smith, Mark EG, M Zone, Robbie Long, Devestate, Ribbz, Luna C.

About Me

In 1984, at age 8, I heard a Ragga tape called Baggariddim. By age 9 I knew all the words by heart and began writing my own versions, rhyming along with the MCs on the tape. I was inspired by the way the MCs didn’t just rhyme to the music the way American rappers did, they executed it with a rolling, musical, rhythmic sound that was almost hypnotizing. Their voices moved with the music the way your body moves when you dance to it. At the time all my friends were break dancers, so I would stand next to the boom box and MC to the beats while they dropped and popped. 

My MCing took a big step in 1990 when I performed at the Coca-Cola Megadance parties with the Hip Hop crew Tactical Response. I continued with them for 3 years performing at 4 Megadance gigs, Aus-American Funk Festival, Too Phat, Dance Week 93 and other smaller gigs.  

In 1997 I stepped on the microphone at Gravity Nightclub to give Rave MCing a go. Since then it has been all go for me with residencies and appearances over the years from club residencies, Raves and International gigs.  

Although primarily a Drum & Bass MC, I have MC’d to everything from Happy Hardcore to Hard house. I have performed alongside some of the worlds best DJ’s including Kenny Ken, Slipmatt, Hixxy, Grooverider, Ratty and many more.

I have performed in Hong Kong for the Dieselboy Asia Tour 2001 and returned for DJ Teebee in July the same year. In June 2001 I was signed to Raggabone Productions and concluded my contract in September 2002 to take a residency with ATM Oceanic Magazine's All Stars. 

Other info.

Past Residencies:

1998: Gravity

1999: Gravity, Calibre

2000: Calibre, Elysium

2001: Calibre, Elysium

2002: Drum Club, Resin Sundays, Elysium, Traffik, ATM Sessions

2003: Frequency

Current Residencies: ATM All Stars, ATM Sessions

Features: ATM Oceanic, Influencez.net, Xpress Magazine, Hype Magazine, BC Mag, South China Post, Absolute Magazine, RTHK Radio Hong Kong, V-Boom TV, Gwylo Records.com, Teknoscape.com, HKRaverworld.com, In The Mix.  

Major Events:

1998: Escape 2, Twisted, Stingin’ the Tail 6, Mad hatters, Tasty NYE.

1999: Twisted 2, Mad hatters Goes to Hollywood, Perth Quake 99, ASCII 99, Wicked, Dreams 99, Wasted, Fifth Dimension, Marz, Millennium, Hardboiled 5.

2000: Peaking Duck, Wild West 1 & 2, Mad Hatters ball gets Lost in Space, Wicked 2, Grind, United Nations, Sensation, DJ Fierce, Bass Generator, XS 2000, Random Logik.

2001: Intensity New years, System 6 feat Billy Bunter and Jon Doe, Calibre feat L Double, Lost the Plot, Elysium feat DJ Hixxy, Hardboiled 6, Drumclub feat Grooverider & Total Science, Mad For It, VIP 3, DJ Bailey, Velocity, Fundamental, Doc Scott & MC Justyce, Database, Bass Agenda, System 6 feat Kevin NRG, Concrete Jungle feat Moving Fusion, Drum Club presents John B, Drum&Bass vs Hip Hop, Next Level feat Mickey Finn, Elysium presents Brisk and Ham, Into The Void feat Dynamik Intervention, Drum Club New Years Eve Trilogy - Part 1 feat Krust & Die, Part 2 Feat Kenny Ken, Darren Jay and Skibadee, Part 3 feat Trace and MK1, Elysium feat Scott Brown and Hixxy, Blackout feat Red One, Xtreme Dance, Intensity 2001.

2001 (International): Dieselboy Asia Tour 2001, Do You Jungle feat DJ Teebee & MC Assassin.

2002: Bass Sessions 33 1/3 feat Ink & Loxy and Bad Company, Fundamental 2 feat Digital, Dekwrekka feat DJ Mesh, Bass Sessions feat Usual Suspects and Dom & Roland, Elysium feat Luna C, Formation Records Tour feat SS, Pleasure, Two Tribes 2002 feat Ed Rush & Optical, Summerbreeze, MFI 3rd Birthday, System 6 feat Kevin NRG, Delirious Summer Festival feat Zinc, Pascal Fierce and MC Fats, Reprazent, Whiplash, Homegrown 2, Drum Club presents Grooverider, Slippmatt @ HQ, Moo!Fest, Elysium Made In WA, MFI presents Ray Keith, Blaze It Up feat Craze and Clarky, Drum Club presents Kenny Ken and Skibadee, Sonic 2002 feat Doc Scott, Back 2 Gravity, Drum Club presents Peshay and Moose, Point Blank Launch, Bass Sessions feat LTJ Bookem and MC Conrad, Drum Club presents Reprazent, Teknoscape presents Perth Dance Awards, Drum Club presents Stakka & Skynet, Reworked, MFI presents Bailey / Tali / Mosus, Jungle Fever, Drum Club Membership Party, Dekwrekka 2, Drum Club presents Perth Sound, ATM All Star tour, Madhatters Ball 2002, Hard Boiled 007, Bass Session 004 feat Andy C & MC GQ, Night Breed feat Matt & Kayla, Drum Club presents The Aftershock Tour feat Aphrodite and MC Fearless, Ministry of Sound Annual feat Fabio, Ravenstein, Big Bad Bass feat Dillinja and MC Lemon D, They Came From Mars feat Sharkey & Kevin Energy, Science Fiction Summer Sound System feat Dj Hype, MC Rage, Matrix and Shimon, Peaking Duck II, Blackout 2002, 

2003: Sunshine People! New Years Day feat Doc Scott and MC Justiyc, Dekwrekka III, Bass Session feat. Ed Rush, Ryme Tyme and Dom & Roland, Blackout feat Moving Fusion, Koncrete Jungle feat Moving Fusion, Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions feat Wyldchild & Pascal.


My Equipment...


I use an AKG WMS-40 UHF Radio Microphone & Receiver. Great quality and very affordable (for a radio mic that is). I chose it because the transmitter will operate for more than 35 hours off a single set of two AA size batteries. I also like it because it is not round, it is shaped for the human hand and fits nicely in mine. In addition, the handheld transmitter uses a DC/DC converter to stabilize the supply voltage so system performance will remain unchanged throughout the entire battery life. The mic operates on a single, fixed frequency between 710 MHz and 865 MHz.



For fuel I use Guinness or Beer if none of the dark stuff is available. The rigorous duties of an MC require a good supply of Carbohydrates throughout the night and alcohol sorts out that problem no worries at all.