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All drugs listed here have in some place, at some time, caused injury, medical complications or death either directly or indirectly following their use. Do not be fooled, Psychoactive Chemicals are dangerous, it is the manner of use that (but not always) decides the level of danger and it is your responsibility to choose whether or not, and if so, how you use these substances. InSite does not condone or condemn the use of illicit drugs but is aware it exists and only wishes to supply information on these issues that may reduce that danger factor.

Also, the substances referred to in this site are deemed ILLEGAL under Australian Legislation in all states and people using/possessing/selling/supplying these substances are liable for prosecution under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Neither the server maintainer or contributors accepts any responsibility for any issues arising from information taken from this site.

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By entering this section you accept all legal, health and other liability that arises from the use/misuse of the information provided. This disclaimer was not constructed by a lawyer so if there is any legal loop holes I may have missed, then FUCK THEM AS WELL, you get the point, so in you go.

My stance on drugs

I personally have ceased use of everything including pot and cigarettes (and even caffeine for a short while) for my own reasons and have since stood on a totally neutral and unbiased no-bullshit perspective of the use of drugs, the cultures they manifest and the people who use them. I do however have strong opinions on the use of heroin and the issues arising from it and its users but I will not get into that as I may offend some junkies.

All of the drugs here are, as the disclaimer points out, Illegal and can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. They are, however, only marginal culprits compared to Alcohol in issues concerning Deaths, Injury, Addiction and just plain unsociable behavior. Let me not even touch on tobacco lest you have to read a multi paged article.

This, as I see it, may or may not be related to the fact that this is statistical information superimposed on the availability of Alcohol and Tobacco due to their legality. This means just because more deaths and injuries occur from alcohol and tobacco than other drugs does not mean they are more dangerous than illicit drugs, because the legal ones are more readily available and widely distributed.

Don't think I have contradicted myself, I just think you have to put vegemite on both sides of your toast to really appreciate the taste if you know what I mean.

I am convinced that almost all deaths/injuries/etc sustained during or because of the use of drugs was due to lack of education or misinformation on the users behalf. In short, here are my 4 rules for taking drugs: